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Why it is important to enter in the network of World Fine Selections.
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WorldFineSelections aim to discover and offer the most excellent companies of the Handcraft. Each page is reserved for a sector or commercial category and companies are selected on the basis of global market trends in the luxury, niche market which is actually very large and which is currently claiming hand-made high quality products. Thanks to this innovative project, this connection will be very simple, with just one click companies will be able to connect online from all over the world. We are selecting the best companies in the territory divided for each category of merchandise in different levels of production from crafts to industry, trade, services, etc … Professionalism, quality, availability, cleanliness and friendliness are just some of the parameters we use to recognize the excellence of listed companies. The purpose of the project is to raise the economy of small and medium-sized companies by creating a nationally visible nationwide network worldwide.
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The project includes B2B events that allow our members to meet with foreign operators looking for local products or services. They are frequently organized for individual sectors that will be away, more and more closed and reserved for companies registered on the platform.
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Our IT, graphics and webmasters are able to build your website according to your needs, from the simplest to the most elaborate. Newsletter, Social Network and SEO will be the KEY so that it will not be only beautiful but ABOVE ALL VISIBLE in the search engines.