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Judged “best buffalo cheese” in 2009 at the “Caciobù” competition, within the Agrosud fair, in Naples.

Fresh spreadable cheese made from pasteurized buffalo milk, partially skimmed after coagulation, which takes place through mesophilic lactic ferments, without rennet.
The clot is hung in bags, or pressed, to drain excess whey, and then worked with little salt.

Packaged in trays of 120 to 180 g and sold naturally or with the addition of chives, or garlic and chili pepper. (On request also with other herbs and spices: pepper, sweet paprika, tarragon, thyme, marjoram, etc.). The duration, in undamaged packaging, is 30 days.

Bufadelfia, despite its creamy consistency and rich taste, is a light cheese: less than 16% fat.