Cocoa beans




Cocoa beans are the seeds of Theobroma cacao, the cocoa tree. They are fermented and dried in the various countries of origin and then roasted in the laboratory to further enhance the aromas and aromas. The beans can be broken and peeled to get the cocoa grain

Cocoa powder
The cocoa powder of first pressing is light, almost red, is 100% cocoa, no sugar is added and has a residual percentage of cocoa butter within it equal to 20-22 It is the most valuable cocoa powder, each origin has different characteristics and peculiarities, as is the case with chocolate

From the cocoa bean to the tablet, the so-called chocolate bean to bar

The beans are selected to remove any impurities, they are then toasted to enhance their aromas to the fullest, the roasting varies according to the type of cocoa that is being worked, it is a very delicate phase that then goes to reflect on the tablet. After removing the peel and reducing the cocoa in the grains, the cocoa mass is produced, part of the mass is used for the production of cocoa butter which will then be used in the same recipe with the addition of raw cane sugar.
I use three ingredients for an excellent product