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Our products Single-based cosmetics … The “healing” properties of the snail and its derivatives, such as the burr, were already known to the ancient Romans and Greeks, who used to use a snail-shaped puzzle to distinguish the “pharmacies” of the time. Only recently, however, have been discovered the cosmetic properties, in Chile, where the Bascuñan family, raised snails for export to the French culinary market.
It was they who noticed that those who worked on the farm had surprisingly soft hands and that the abrasions that were practiced during work healed more quickly than normal, without getting infected and without producing spots or scars. This prompted to analyze the mucus of the snails for to understand the mechanism that allowed the healing of lacerations and wounds to be so rapid. The analysis of the secretions of these snails belonging to the species Helix Aspersa Muller showed that some of the properties of the burr itself are closely related to the primary function that it plays, that is to facilitate the locomotion through sliding.
To carry out this action, reducing friction, the snail slime is rich in mucopolysaccharides that allow both the mechanical function of locomotion and that of defense of the snails (remain attached to vertical surfaces hidden in the shell).
But the constant sliding of the snails on rough surfaces justifies the contemporary restructuring functionality of the slime, necessary for the repair of the snail’s tissues, confirmed by analytical studies related to the composition (allantoin, amino acids, collagen and elastin) and by clinical studies concerning the restructuring function the skin and antibiotics against the main pathogens.
The snail slime also contains Allantoin, which has stimulating properties of the re-epithelialization of tissues by stimulating cell reproduction, thus also helping the replacement of dead tissues that are replaced by young and vital ones.
In addition, Snail Slime also contains Collagen and Elastin, which are essential for maintaining our skin in perfect health.
Snail Slime (Helix aspersa): thanks to its exceptional composition, it helps to reduce and attenuate scars, acne marks, stretch marks, burns, spots, wrinkles and signs of expression, regenerating damaged tissues and the object of photo-aging. It performs a cleaning action of the pores with a consequent return to the natural color.