Frozen Snails

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Even snails, like many other food products, can be frozen. In the FROZEN product, the cold, thanks to the very low temperatures and specific techniques, is made to penetrate very quickly, thus managing to freeze the liquids inside the individual cells. At the time of defrosting, therefore, the liquids return to this state without causing trauma and breakage inside the food, causing the typical conditions of the fresh product to be restored, ie as it was before having subjected it to cold treatment.

In Frozen, however, the cold penetrates slowly and there are no prescriptions for the use of particular techniques. Therefore, mild means and temperatures of even a few degrees below zero (for example the domestic freezer) can be used. Doing so, however, takes a long time to “freeze”, which inevitably leads to the formation of “large” ice crystals inside the product.

When thawing occurs, therefore, the breaking of these crystals will cause damage to the internal structures of the food with the leakage of cellular liquids that it is possible to see under the thawed food and that someone, in the case of meat, confuses with blood or “serum”. In this way the product will be more impoverished than nutrients as the freezing process will have been slow.

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