The Coste Olive Oil




Extravirgin Olive Oil
Cultivation: Biancolilla Cultivar, very low lying trees whose height never exceeds the dry stone
walls sheltering them from the strong winds.
Production Area: Pantelleria – Ghirlanda, Montagnole and Nikà Estates.
In order to obtain an Extra Virgin oil our olives are carefully selected, picked by hand and
cold pressed within the next 12 hours. The Coste Ghirlanda olive oil has herbaceous aromas
which remind us of the Mediterranean shrub land while its delicate flavour, slightly bitter with
a peppery endnote, strikes us as particularly harmonious. Our Olive Oil is, moreover, rich in
Polyphenols which guarantee long-term stability to the product. Coste’s oil, appreciated for its
lightness and digestibility, delicately enhances the flavour of fish, both raw and grilled and all
those dishes where it is important that the condiment used does not dominate the taste.
Packaging: 250ml and 750ml bottles, 3litres can