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Villa Crespi

Le Serre

Staff selection of professionals, both gastronomic and organizational, to fulfill every request with style and dynamism. An exclusive and welcoming environment with more than a hundred seats inside but which triple its spaces when the large windows overlooking the outdoor pools are opened. Great for a relaxing break for lunch and ideal for an evening with friends in the evening, the well-equipped space and trendy decor lends itself to any type of event, from the small birthday, to the big party with space for dancing, from the most classic as communions and confirmations to the wildest theme parties.

Restaurant Malipiero

Chef Enzo Riccardo welcomes you at Ristorante Malipiero. The Chef’s cuisine is truly exceptional.Bread, fresh pasta and sweet pastry are prepared directly by the kitchen staff.

The Malipiero Restaurant at Villa Barbarich will allow you to discover the authentic flavors of our genuine products, used to create all our dishes. You can also discover the pleasures of tasting the very best ingredients our territory has to offer, with a cuisine that takes pride in its excellence and seasonal authenticity, from appetizers to desserts.

I Quarti Typical Locanda

We aim to rediscover the ancient and healthy flavors of the past using only the products of our crops.

For those who love the flavors of the past, the genuine ingredients, ours is a restaurant that enhances the traditional Polesana cuisine. Variety and richness in a unique atmosphere, able to accompany and enhance the high quality of the culinary proposals and to represent the many facets of tradition. Always different menus using mainly fresh seasonal products carefully selected thanks to our diligence in cultivation. Ours is a production system with low environmental impact, as it provides for the coordinated and rational use of all factors of production in order to minimize the use of technical means that have an impact on the environment or on the health of consumers .

Amolara Typical Locanda

Home cooking, inspired by passions and scents of the past, is offered through menus rich in local and seasonal products, in a natural and relaxing atmosphere.

Amolara with its restaurant wants to delight you and make you fall in love. The typical dishes of the area are made with passion and experience by a staff able to satisfy your palate. Each course draws its origins from this land rich in resources and is served accompanied by the best wines.

Ristorante IL Brutto Anatroccolo

Ristorante IL Brutto Anatroccolo

A beautiful story of a duck. The ugly duckling

In the atmosphere of a tradition made of courtesy and hospitality, the AbanoRitz hotel inaugurates, inside, an à la carte restaurant, the small restaurant, which was born as a "child" a little wild but intelligent and fun.

The ugly duckling just wants to please you. As sometimes happens between a man and a woman. It will have no philosophies or rules, it will be a meeting between those who recognize and trust. If you tell us that The Ugly Duckling was pure pleasure for the five senses and that your subconscious was like a warm refuge where the throat is not a sin, we will have respected our crazy mission.

A fable of a restaurant or a fabulous restaurant? However a creative environment, a food that respects the palates and pampers the taste buds: we will not feed you, we will nourish you: by satiating the body, we will warm the heart and stimulate sensations and memories.

Absolutely ugly duckling because you will make it become a swan!

The Ugly Duckling and ... the search for oneself.

This fable, as for most of the stories invented for children, is often considered a metaphor for the difficulties experienced in becoming "great": in the broadest sense of the word. The fairy tale tends to reinforce self-esteem and to make people accept, rather, value differences, to be proud of them, because they could, in reality, turn out to be a treasure for themselves and for others.

In reality what we wanted to read is the elegance of a moral and ethical progress in dealing wisely and matures life, recognizing, to choices and people, an intrinsic and pre-judicial value. I think that research, in our life, should never be simply a goal, but a path ... also with webbed foot!

Ida Poletto

Abano Ritz Restaurant

White Gloves Restaurant

The awakening of the senses includes the pleasure of good cuisine. A prized collection of plates from the 1800s are displayed on the walls of the dining room. This is an invitation, a sort of clue to the history of a vocation for good food because we have always preferred quality over quantity.

Smart Buffet new edition 2019 for lunch

Rediscovering the real meaning and then the value of the buffet: from the roman convivial, to the renaissance banquets and to Pierre Buffet in the XVIIII century, through fashions, till nowadays. The objective of the AbanoRitz and its staff is the one to listen the clients requirements with the intent not to revolutionize the concept of lunch buffet, but to reedit it.

Desirous in giving you the quality of food in a variety of propositions up to your choice, for lunch, you will find the smart buffet. For all needs, from the entry to the dessert, you will have a rich salty buffet, between meat and fish, with different typologies of vegetables and salads, a pair of choices of dishes and also our healthy soup as usual. And for the end, in order to match to a good glass of passito, chesses or, for the most gluttonous, a mix of fresh fruit and cakes. Elegance and selection are the characteristics of the new smart buffet.

Villa Crespi

Antonino Cannavacciuolo Chef Patron of the 2 Michelin-star restaurant inside the 5-star luxury Villa Crespi in Orta San Giulio. Inspired by the traditions of his homeland, the Campania, his adoption territory, Piedmont, and the simplicity of the flavors of home, Chef Cannavacciuolo offers an always extraordinary cuisine experience, characterized by the use of excellent raw materials in harmonious fusion bringing the past and present together for an engaging and exciting creative Mediterranean cuisine.