Campo Biondo di Meneghello Alice

Campo Biondo di Meneghello Alice


Artisan Brewery

The Campo Biondo brewery was born in May 2010 from the passion for beer of Piero and Alice Meneghello.

After about eight years of cooking done on small quantities of about 25 liters, with self-built material and inside a 3×3 meter wooden house and after learning brewing techniques with courses held in Cremona held by the national association Unionbirrai and Udine at the University of Agriculture, driven by the enthusiasm that in the meantime was fueled by praise from a small circle of people, who by tasting our produced beers procured us, it was decided to give life to this small reality in the hope of being able to taste the beers we produce for the greatest number of people.

From this assumption our philosophy is born, to produce quality beers with artisanal method (not filtered, not pasteurized and refermented in the bottle, a method that allows to make the beer evolve inside the bottle within six months and to expire one year from its production) and using first quality raw materials.

For this reason we have chosen to produce types of beers that will be channeled along two distinct ways of interpreting beer.

The first to make beers on very popular styles, very drinkable and low alcohol, see Lager, Marzen / Oktoberfest, Weizen, the second on popular styles too, but less drinkable, more alcoholic, for the most demanding palates but at the same time not too extreme in tastes, as in fashion now. From this philosophy it follows as a consequence a product of high quality and very balanced in taste.

In the hope of making a small contribution to improving beer drinking, I wish everyone a better world.

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