Capperi di Pantelleria




Coste Ghirlanda is immersed in a natural setting of extraordinary beauty on the island of Pantelleria, south of Sicily, from whose coasts on clear days we can see Tunisia. Solitary and unique compared to the rest of Italy, it is a land with a strong contrast of colors: the black of the lava earth, the blue of its deep sea, the green of the vines and the white of the roofs of the ancient rural buildings. In Pantelleria the wind reigns supreme. Hence its name, originating from the Arab Bent-el-ria or the daughter of the wind. Even today, whether it is a light breeze or a violent storm, the wind blows stubbornly on the island, thus forcing nature to develop in the shelter of stone terraces. The volcanic imprint then creates a unique setting and profoundly affects the flavors of this land.Coste Ghirlanda cultivates vineyards, olive trees, caper plants and fruit trees in three distinct estates, located in different areas of the island, each of them with terroir very different from each other, contributing, each in a different way, to give our wines unique flavors.