Mozzarella cheese


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Our mozzarella is made with raw buffalo milk (unpasteurized).
The whey from the previous processing is added to the milk, ranging from 10 to 15%. The purpose is to provide additional ferments, and to obtain a slight acidification, which selects the natural ferments of the milk and favors the action of the rennet.

After heating to 42 ° C, rennet is added (liquid calf rennet). Coagulation takes about 30 minutes.

At this point the clot obtained (the curd) is cut into pieces the size of a walnut and subjected to a brief agitation, to favor the separation of the whey.

Once the agitation is finished, the curd settles on the bottom of the boiler, covered by the whey, which has the purpose of maintaining a sufficiently high temperature and of supplying sugar (lactose), to favor the development of the ferments.

These, by consuming lactose, produce mainly lactic acid. The acidity produced changes the structure of the curd, to the point that, heating it, it becomes plastic and can be shaped, woven, reduced into threads and sheets. At our working temperature, this takes about two hours.

At this point, by adding boiling water to the crumbled curd, we get a mass of spun dough, from which we manually remove (mozzarelle), braids and morsels.

Chopped by hand, the mozzarellas have a variable size: usually 250 – 300 gr

As soon as they are formed, the mozzarellas are thrown in cold water for a few minutes, and then in a very diluted brine (the sauce), in which they will remain until they are eaten.

Working with raw milk you get a tastier mozzarella, but of limited duration: better to consume it within 10 days of production.