Traditional balsami vinegar of Reggio Emilia pdo gold label


A treasure chest of flavour to be savoured drop after drop, used exclusively as a dressing.
The particularly persistent flavour makes it a delicious end to a meal, enjoyed on its own, although its extraordinarily rich organoleptic properties also make for surprising, memorable pairings with cheeses and desserts.
After spending at least 25 years in barrels rich in history and aromas, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia is ready to delight even the most demanding palate.
Gourmet savoury lovers will enjoy it drizzled over the most noble, flavourful and piquant cheeses, while for those with a sweet tooth, a delightful taste experience is guaranteed in the company of confectioner’s cream, chocolate desserts, ice cream and forest berries. It is also a superb ingredient for fillings for panettone and strudel.
The finest way to savour this delicacy in all its noble, splendidly intense complexity of aromas and flavour is to enjoy a small glass at the end of a meal as a meditation liqueur.